ToxBank Provides Its Products & Services Through:

Science & Technology
Communities served:

Research, Discovery, Product Development, Safety Assessment.

Safety Assessment
Communities served:

Safety Assessors,  Product Developers, Regulatory Managers.

Science at a Glance

Who we are:

ToxBank is being developed to manage and provide access to all in vitro and in silico protocols and experimental data across SEURAT-1 to support an integrated data analysis. An additional key component is data on suppliers of biomaterials such that scientists can select high quality materials for their research which can be translated for industry safety assessment purposes.

Our vision:

The focus of the data foundation of the ToxBank data warehouse project is the development of unified data access based on the interoperability leadership of OpenTox. The second layer builds protocols and processed data which can integrated for analysis, decision making and hypothesis generation purposes. Finally we support a network of experts who may synthesize and interpret knowledge within a weight of evidence framework leading to judgements on safety..


The ToxBank data warehouse provides an industry standards based shared repository of know-how and experimental results supporting the SEURAT-1 cluster in developing a replacement for in vivo repeated dose toxicity testing.