The goal of OpenTox is to develop an interoperable predictive toxicology framework which may be used as an enabling platform for the creation of predictive toxicology applications.

Download the OpenTox presentation "on the "linked data and resource" approach we advocate and are implementing, presented in Potsdam on 30 May 2010: "Integrating Predictive Toxicology Applications and Resources".

OpenTox applications can combine multiple web services providing users access to distributed toxicological resources including data, computer models, validation and reporting. Applications are based on use cases that satisfy user needs in predictive toxicology.

You can register on the site using the Join function. You can also join the OpenTox Interest Group through a mailing list and digest.

To try out OpenTox applications please visit the Toxicity Prediction area. If interest in participating in OpenTox technical developments please visit the Development area.

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