The ToxBank consortium is developing a series of infrastructure projects to support SEURAT-1 including a data warehouse. This warehouse is a web accessible shared repository containing protocols and experimental results to support the development of a replacement for in vivo repeated dose toxicity testing.

The ToxBank data warehouse is being populated from the research activities of the cluster partners as well as from other sources, such as public databases. The data is being collected to enable a cross-cluster integrated data analysis using the ISA-Tab file format. This format provides a mechanism for integration of investigation data, including dose-response and omics results, in a standard way.

All SEURUAT-1 investigators will be able to upload, share and search for protocols and ISA-Tab formatted experimental data. A keyword hierarchy has been developed to support searching, browsing and linking (e.g. to the Gold compound, cell or reagent wikis).

The system has been implemented as a set of REST-based web services which will enable interoperability with other systems across the cluster as well as external resources.