Unformatted data (large)

Upload unformatted data

(large data sets)

A tutorial on how to upload unformatted data (large data sets). Tutorial by Dr. Glenn J. Myatt, Chief Scientific Officer, Leadscope, Inc.

In the 2014 release of the ToxBank data warehouse it is possible to upload any experimental results to share with the SEURAT-1 cluster. A simple process is provided to annotate the investigation data with meta information (title, abstract, keywords, etc) to support searching and retrieval.

To upload multiple files or any file larger than 10MB, it is necessary to upload the files to the ToxBank FTP server first. The upload process includes linking these files, which could include an Excel spreadsheet or a zipped set of files, to meta information on the investigation (title, abstract, keywords, etc).

Once uploaded to the ToxBank data warehouse, the investigation records can be search and information downloaded.